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A Law Enforcement program helps to prepare students for specific training for four to six months, held in police academies, and serves as a career's starting point. However, that does not mean that police departments do not consider these programs. In fact, many police departments in the United States require academic training with a minimum of 60 credits.

Usually, Law Enforcement degrees, are highly valued by recruiters, as well as being considered a starting point, give the applicant qualities as initiative, strong ethics and moral, and critical thinking.

The skills acquired during the training course on Law Enforcement , together academy experience prepare the student to become a police officer or a cadet.

Income in this area can vary greatly throughout the country, depending on various state laws and labor. In 2011, the average salary was $ 54,000 for police stations and sheriff's patrol officers, with maximums up to $ 84,000 for police officers.

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